Celebrate Vancouver’s deep Hawaiian Roots at the Cascadia Food Festival: Lu’au with Food, Entertainment, and Drink.

General Admission: $35


Four chefs preparing ten traditional and neotraditional Hawaiian small plates(Pu Pu’s)! Highlighting producers from across Cascadia, as well as some sourced from the Big Island of Hawaii!


  • Greene Jungle Farm: Whole Pig

  • Sound Fresh Clams and Oysters: Pacific Oysters

  • Nehalem River Ranch: Beef Brisket, pork belly

  • Flat Tack Farm: Mixed vegetables

  • Quackenbush Farm: Mixed vegetables

  • Seafood Producers Co-op: Black Cod and Silver Salmon

  • Oly Kraut: Spicy Garlic (kim chi)

  • Mokuwai Piko Poi

  • Hawai’i ULU Producers Cooperative: Breadfruit(ULU)


  • Lomi Salmon

  • Pacific Oysters on the half shell

  • Roasted Pork with Poi

  • Kalbi Beef Tacos with Pineapple and Mango Salsa

  • Musubi roll

  • Fall Vegetable Stir Fry with Brown Rice (V)(GF)

  • Tofu Poke with Seaweed Salad (V)(GF)

  • Miso sake Black Cod

  • Kimchi Fried Rice (V)(GF)

  • Pork Belly & Kimchi Fried Rice

  • Dessert: Haupia and Key Lime Pie

    (v) vegan (GF) glueten free



Tommy O’s

Tommy O’s - Pacific Rim Bistro

Tommy Owen's and his son Josh Owen's will be putting together a menu of their Traditional and Neotraditional Lu'au dishes. Vancouver is lucky to have this Hawaiian Restauranteur family bringing the flavors of the Pacific Rim to downtown Vancouver, and now Camas.


Hector Hinojosa

Foody Blues BBQ/ JoFoody Catering

Chef Hinojosa will be preparing the Lu'au pig, and serving it with Mokuwai Piko Poi! As the former Slow Food Southwest Washington Board President, and long time Vancouver pit-master, we are stoked to have him preparing the pig roast!


Chef Michael

Food Saint

Chef Michael will be serving an elevated version of the Hawaiian side dish Lomi Salmon. Chef Michael has been in the world of Food & Beverage for over three decades, most recently doing research and product development as a Corporate Chef.


Chef Valentine

, Feed the Mass

Chef Valentine will be putting together his take on the Musubi Roll and bringing his crew from the nonprofit Feed the Mass, a nonprofit cooking education organization (501c3) based in Portland, Oregon, with a goal of bringing people together.


Join as we celebrate and explore Vancouver, WA’s Hawaiian roots, at the Cascadia Food Festival: Lu’au!

6:00 Salmon Run Inspired expressive movement performance led by Cara Cottingham and her avant-salmon troupe

6:30 Warren Neth, Event Director, This Place has stories

6:45 Deston Denniston, Vets_Cafe, From the Ground Up

7:00 Kaloku Holt, Ke Kukui Foundation Executive Director, Vancouver’s Hawaiian culture and food traditions

7:30 Traditional Hawaiian Hula Dance

8:00 Hawiian Dance Music


The Beverage Garden will have a selection of beers, cider, mead, and wine from across Cascadia!


  • Fresh-hopped IPA, Varietal Beer Co., farm-to-bottle beer made in the heart of hops country.

  • Dark Czech Lager, Headless Mumbsy

  • Brother and Sisters Pale, Brothers Cascadia Brewing, all Cascadian sourced ingriedients.


  • Burncider, CIder Riot!, Oregon-grown traditional English cider apples, tart wild apples and dessert


  • Drylands - Juniper Pine, Melchamy Mead: A creation of the Columbia River Plateau, we’ve brought home the desert essence in this one. Pleasant pine aromas..

TIKI DRINKS by Mixologist Sara Newton, Amaro’s Table

  • Rye Tai

  • Planters Punch

  • Hurricane

  • Painkiller

  • Plus refreshing non-alcoholic Tiki Drinks!

COFFEE by Kafiex Roasters

  • Iced coffee

  • Iced Mulled Cascara Tea - non-caffeinated


  • 2018 Patton Valley Vineyards Willamette Valley Rose of Pinot Noir

  • 2016 Evesham Wood Le Puits Sec Vineyard (Estate) Pinot Noir

  • 2014 EIEIO Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

  • 2017 Flâneur Wines Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

  • 2016 Goodfellow Whistling Ridge Vineyard Blanc

  • 2016 Goodfellow Heritage No. 7 (Whistling Ridge Vineyard) Pinot Noir

  • 2017 Beckham Estate Pinot Noir

  • Patricia Green 2017 Durant Chardonnay

  • Patricia Green 2018 Estate Old Vine Pinot Noir

  • Patricia Green 2017 Dry Muscat Ottonel

  • Koi Ponds TBD

  • Amavi Wines TBD


Bring Your Own Plate(BYOP)


Bring Your Own Plate(BYOP) and help cut the carbon footprint of the Cascadia Food Festival!

As a sign of solidarity, if you Bring Your Own Plate(BYOP), you will get a FREE ticket for a small plate dish at the Cascadian Luau!

We will have a dish washing station for you to clean your plate before you head home.

If you do not bring your own plate, we will have palm leaf based plates, which will go into our food waste bins, and taken by the Clark County Master Composters for an experimental compost pile.

RAFFLE for a Hawaiian Travel Package for TWO!

Slow Food Hawaii and the Kohala Center have teamed up to offer a Hawaiian Travel
Package for t o lucky winners to explore ecogastronomy on the Big Island! Includes airfare , lodging at Pu’u O Kumau Ranch, a tasting menu dinner, and a farm tour of the Kohala Center educational farm.